How to get rid of warts

Even though they are harmless, warts can be embarrassing and disturbing at times. They are the result of a low immune system and besides the fact that they are contagious, they spread on the body relatively quick. Here are 5 natural remedies against warts:  

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How to get rid of knee pain

Knee problems are disturbing and we oftentimes don’t know how to treat them. However, the swollen, stiff, inflamed and weak knees can be treated easily with these home remedies. Garlic – consuming garlic food would reduce the pain in your knees. You can also rub the painful area with garlic. …

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Home remedies for large pores

Large pores are the result of the environment, an inadequate skin care, aging and so on. They do not affect our health but they’re sure unaesthetic and shrinking them professionally costs close to a fortune. Here are some cheap and natural methods of tightening those large pores.  

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Home remedies for cracked heels

Cracked heels are at times perceived as a lack of proper hygiene and foot care, however, there can be various reasons for this condition, such as dehydration, nutritional deficiency, improper footwear and so on. Here are some remedies for your cracked heels.  

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