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How to get rid of warts

Even though they are harmless, warts can be embarrassing and disturbing at times. They are the result of a low immune system and besides the fact that they are contagious, they spread on the body relatively quick.

Here are 5 natural remedies against warts:

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Lemon Juice – take a lemon and squeeze the juice. Grab a pad, dip it into the lemon juice and then apply on the warts. Repeat the process 3 to 4 times every day until it dries.

Garlic – despite its smell, garlic kills bacteria and dries the warts in a short time. Simply take a clove of garlic, mash it into a paste and cover the warts with it (you might want to increase the quantity if your warts are bigger or if you have more than 2-3). Cover the affected areas with a cloth or with band aid and allow it to act overnight. Remove the cloth in the morning and gently wash the region. Repeat until it dries off and falls down.

Vitamin C – take a vitamin C tablet, add some lemon juice and water to it and stir well. Apply the solution on the warts.

Banana Peel – this is highly useful when your kids have warts, because bananas are a known product to them and they will accept them easier than other medicines. Just apply a piece of banana peel on the wart before going to bed, cover it with a cloth and then take it off in the morning and cleanse the area.

Apple Cider Vinegar – due to its acid, ACV makes a great remedy against warts. Dip a pad into it and wrap the affected area. Maintain overnight and take off in the morning.


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