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How to grow your hair with sea salt

Loss of hair may be because of a number of factors, such as genetics, too much sun, inappropriate cosmetics, and so on. We all wish to have thick, silky hair that is easy to arrange and also healthy. We recommend that you use this great remedy found in almost every kitchen, which has amazing regenerating properties, that is sea salt!

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It contains 82 essential nutrients, like potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper, calcium, bromide and magnesium that revitalize and promote blood circulation.

This remedy is very easy to use. First of all wash your hair with shampoo, dry the excess water with a towel and then massage your scalp with sea salt for 15 minutes. Wash again. Do this treatment for two months and you’ll be able to see amazing results. You will have a tick and silky hair (with no dandruff) that grows faster.


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