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Natural cures for white hair

White hairs are usually the result of aging, but there are a number of cases where rather young people are also confronted this issue. If this is also your case, and you are tired of dying your hair and damaging it with all sorts of chemicals, try one of these natural remedies instead! You will be amazed!

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Carrot Seeds Oil
We recommend half a tsp. of carrot seeds oil in combination with 4 tsp. of sesame seeds oil. This remedy will give your hair color back and prevent any damage. It’s best when applied on the roots. Rinse with shampoo and lukewarm water. If you have leftover oil, keep it in the refrigerator for up to a month.

Curry Leaves
Combine a tsp. of curry leaves with a cup of buttermilk and apply on the white hairs through massage. Wash the mixture off after 30 minutes. This remedy is recommended for premature white hair growth.

Onion and Ghee
Take an onion and let it gather some juice, or use it as a paste and massage the juice or paste on the scalp for a period of a few days. Ghee is best ingested with other foods, but it can also be used directly on the roots of the hair, by a circular massage.

Also known as Amla, gooseberries have proved to be quite beneficial in white hair prevention and restoration. Simply take a few gooseberries, chop them into tiny slices and let them dry in a cool place. Take some coconut oil, add it on the dried Amlas and boil them together until soft and grey. The oily solution is great for massaging your hair and giving its young look again. Alternatively, you can take the dried gooseberries and let them in water overnight. Use the solution to rinse your hair. Another method would be to mix them with a tsp. of almond oil and a tsp. of lemon juice. Let it sit in the refrigerator for about 3 days and then apply the oils on the scalp. Wash with shampoo and moderately warm water after 45 minutes. Repeat the process daily.

Almond Oil and Sesame Seed
Mix 4 tsp. of almond oil with 1 tsp. of sesame seed oil and apply the substance on the scalp. Let is act for 20 minutes before washing.

Iodine, Ginger and Wheat Gram
Try eating foods rich in iodine, such as bananas, fish and carrots! Consuming fresh (grated) ginger mixed with honey is also a great treatment for your hair, as well as wheat gram, which can be combined with milk.

Wheat Sprouts and Carrot Juice
These two ingredients are very beneficial in white hair treatment, so we recommend that you consume them either as juice, or combined with some of your favorite fruits for a boost of taste.

Black Pepper
Take 10 ml of lime juice and add ¼ of black pepper mixed with fresh curd and apply the solution on the scalp. This treatment can be used on a daily basis, as it not only treats white hairs, but it improves hair growth as well.

Fenugreek Seeds
Take some fenugreek seeds, let them sit in water overnight and drink the water in the morning on an empty stomach. Repeat the process a few times a week for about 5 months.

Yogurt, Black Tea and Vitamin B
You should consume close to a liter of yogurt to treat the white hair. Black tea is also highly recommended for people with premature white hair growth. Just take a cup of tea, add 1 tsp. of salt and then massage the mixture on your scalp. Wash after approx. 1 hour. Moreover, consider eating foods rich in vitamin B, such as fruits, vegetables, oats, wheat and nuts.


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