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Home remedies for split ends

Every woman wants a shiny, healthy looking hair with no split ends, while also being able to curl or flatten it from time to time. Heat and dyes are two of the main culprits for hair damage, leading to split ends. Here are two methods of restoring your hair’s healthy look, which can be easily done at home.

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Gently comb your hair and braid it in two sections. Take some peach kernel and then add the same amount of vitamin E oil (both can be bought from local pharmacies). Make some cotton balls, dip them into the solution and then apply on the braids. Let it act for two to four hours before unbraiding it and washing it as you normally do.

Wash your hair as usual and dry the excess water with a towel. Take some organic hair conditioner and mix it with an equal amount of organic honey. Apply the paste on the wet (not too wet though) hair from the middle to the end and cover it with a plastic bag or hair cap. For better results cover the hair cap with a towel and let it act for one to two hours before shampooing and rinsing. Repeat the process 1 or 2 times a month.


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